INAR wants broad debate on state secularism

Speaking to the press, on the fringes of the Parliament’s monthly debate, this time focused on the topic “State Secularism, religious freedom and respect for law and fundamental rights in Angola”, Ruth Mixinge said that Angola is a secular state, therefore people are free to exercise their religious freedom.

However, she clarified that religious freedom must be exercised with basis on the Constitution and the law.

According to the official, the concerns of the MPs coincide with those of INAR and the Culture minister, mainly in regard to the strengthening of studies on the country’s religious phenomenon.

She reminded that the church has the characteristic of moralising the citizens and stimulating peace of minds, but there are people who do not interpret things this way.

She said when some people feel inclined to exploiting the people, they start “selling” the word of God for their own benefit, thus involving in unconstitutional acts like extortion.

“We have a common goal which is to contribute to the well-being and development of families, which includes correct interpretation of legal precepts and that which the Bible outlines”, she emphasised.

Ruth Mixinge appealed for interreligious dialogue and the promotion of a culture of peace in the institutions and congregations.

“Before we join a congregation, we ought to analyse well how much it corresponds to the anxieties of our own soul, so that we can define which place to join”, she concluded.

Source: Angola Press News Agency