ICJ Orders Uganda to Pay $325 Million to DR Congo

The International Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered Uganda to pay $325 million to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as reparations for Uganda’s invasion of the DRC in the late 1990s.

Seven years ago, the court ruled Uganda must compensate the DRC for its 1998 invasion of the country during the Second Congo War.

The DRC asked for $11 billion in damages, but Uganda said that amount would ruin its economy. So, after failed negotiations, the sides came back to the ICJ.

Judge Joan Donoghue read the verdict.

“This global sum includes 225 million U.S. dollars for damage to persons, 40 million U.S. dollars for damage to property, and 60 million U.S. dollars for damage related to natural resources,” Donoghue said.

The DRC had also sought reparations for intentional destruction and looting, and the restitution of national property and resources.

The total sum is to be paid in annual installments of $65 million, due in September each year from 2022 to 2026.

The court also ruled that should Uganda delay making the payments, an annual interest rate of six percent on each installment shall accrue on any overdue amounts.

Source: Voice of America