Hundreds reportedly die during strike at Mozambique hospital

At least 620 people are reported to have died at Maputo Central Hospital in the past 40 days as a result of a health workers’ strike.

Momzambican medics are on strike for the first time in the country’s history, and doctors in particular have extended their strike for another 21 days despite receiving death threats.

During this time a minimum service will be provided to patients, doctors say, “so that our population does not suffer any more”.

The striking workers say they lack medicines and vital equipment – and even have to pay out of their pockets to stock ambulances with basic gear. They say they have no choice but to strike and are calling for Health Minister Armindo Tiago to be sacked

The government, however, says it regrets that doctors have taken the decision to extend their strike despite the progress it says they’d made in meeting their demands.

Source: BBC