Huila: MPLA official calls on militants for commitment to party

Lubango – Members and militants of the ruling MPLA party should work hard on preparation of the voters so that the party can win the elections in a qualified manner.

The appeal was launched by the party’s first secretary in southern Huila province, JoAPound o Marcelino Tyipinge, while speaking at the First Extraordinary Meeting of Provincial Committee of the Party.

The meeting is aimed at preparing the proposal for the list of MPs to the National Assembly.

The MPLA official in the province considered the mobilisation relevant as the initiative help achieve the objectives.

“We are at a crucial moment and we must prepare our voters so that the province can obtain the qualified majority. This time we will have to strive for more votes and elect more MPs,” he said.

He said that all the militants are called to participate actively in this process, adding that the MPLA has great responsibility towards the country and the nation.

We have to work on what we approved during the fifth Congress of the ruling MPLA, he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency