Huila: Mandume University dean takes on AULP presidency

Lubango – The Dean of Mandume Ya Ndemufayo University (UMN) Orlando Manuel Jose Fernandes da Mata was elected CEO of Portuguese Speaking Universities Association (AULP), for the 2017- 2020, according to the Institution’s press release.

Orlando da Mata, who held the position of vice president in the previous mandate, was unanimously elected by AULP General Assembly at the 27th Meeting of the Association that ran from July 10 – 12 at Campinas university, SAPound o Paulo (Brazil).

In his speech, Orlando Manuel Jose Fernandes, pledged to continue to promote the development, consolidation and strengthening of cooperation ties among the members of this prestigious Academic institution.

He also promised to share experiences and relevant results of the scientific studies at AULP, founded on November 26, 1986.

The Association groups Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, SAPound o Tome and Principe , East Timor and Macau.

Orlando Manuel Jose Fernandes da Mata is the second Angolan to hold AULP board, after Pedro SebastiAPound o Teta, ( 2002 – 2005).

Source: Angola Press News Agency