Huila: JoAPound o Lourenco’s election guarantor of achievements

The politician made this pronouncement in the act of opening masses of the pre-election campaign of MPLA at national level and of presentation of the candidate of the party to President of the Republic.

According to JoAPound o Marcelino Tjipinge, the victory of JoAPound o Lourenco in the 2017 elections means the consolidation of the achievements already reached by the Angolan people throughout its historical trajectory.

He said that the people of Huila are prepared to give the most support to the MPLA and its candidate for President of the Republic and will work for this party to achieve victory.

He emphasized that JoAPound o Lourenco performed with zeal several functions in the Angolan Armed Forces, in the State apparatus and currently as vice president of MPLA and minister of National Defense.

Source: Angola Press News Agency