Huila: Governor pays tribute to flood victims of 2016

The official placed a wreath at the scene of the incident and participated in the planting of 300 eucalyptus trees.

Meanwhile, the Tchioco neighborhood committee, surrounding the city, in a message praised the local government for the honored tribute to the people who perished in the aftermath of the floods last year, amongst children and adults.

On the occasion, the committee asked the local government for an informal market to facilitate the sale of its foodstuff, a medical post and a primary school in order to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning process in that area.

On his turn, the provincial governor Joao Marcelino Tyipinge said the government will continue to remember those who in life could contribute to the development of the country at all levels.

According to him, the government is working on creating spaces for accommodation of 115 families already registered, so that they can benefit from land for self-directed construction.

He appealed to victims’ families to be calm at a time when the executive continues to prepare the conditions necessary to accommodate them.

Source: Angola Press News Agency