Huila: Caconda Court jurisdiction scope extended to other municipalities

This information was given last Monday by the presiding judge of Huila’s Provincial Court, Artur Domingos Ngunza, in the end of a work visit he made to Caconda Municipality, having explained on the occasion that this restructuring measure is aimed at the reducing the pressure on the court of Lubango Municipality (the province’s chief town).

Speaking to ANGOP, Artur Domingos Ngunza stressed that the process in course is decentralisation of the justice services aiming for a more appropriate functioning of courts.

He explained that many lawsuits filed at the Provincial Court come from the municipalities, so there is a need to expand the presence of municipal courts.

Currently Huila has one provincial court and two municipal courts (Matala Municipality and Caconda Municipality courts), which are deemed insufficient to respond to the demand.

Meanwhile, Artur Domingos Ngunza seized the occasion to inform that the Province’s justice palace, located in Lubango Municipality, is being rehabilitated, adding that in the end of the works it will also host the Provincial Court.

Source: Angola Press News Agency