Huambo wants to recover barn title of Angola

Huambo – The government of the central Huambo Province is committed to creating the conditions to boost the agricultural business sector, so that the province can once again become the country’s granary.

The fact was reaffirmed Tuesday by the governor of Huambo, JoAPound o Baptista Kussumua, while speaking at the national ceremony commemorating the Day of Peace and National Unity led by Defence Minister, JoAPound o Lourenco.

The official stressed that the government is committed to creating conditions, especially in granting of credits, to increase production and eliminate the food deficit, so the surplus can be exported.

According to Mr Kussumua, the government sees in this activity an opportunity for the creation of many jobs for qualified and unskilled youth.

In the context of family farming, the short-term project involves the transfer of seed, fertiliser and other resources, in June and July, in order to cope with the current production due to the drought that occurred in December and January.

Another challenge of the government, he emphasised, is the creation of a large vocational training centre for young people, a challenge that will be supported by the Ministry of Public Administration, Employment, Labour and Social Security.

Source: Angola Press News Agency