Huambo: SME analyzes Law on Precautionary Measures

Huambo – The precautionary measures on criminal procedures was on Thursday analyzed by the staff of the Migration and Foreigner Service (SME) during a lecture held in the central Huambo province.

The lecture was part of the 41st founding anniversary of the SME, to be marked on April 19.

On the occasion, the prosecutor to the local court, Jorge Sumbo said the Constitution of the Republic and others legal norms on protection of the citizens’ freedoms before a criminal process prioritize the principle of presumed innocence.

He also explained that the referred law is comprised of clauses of detention, coercive measures, guaranty of assets and immunity, among others, with an advantage of the impugnation of accusation, which replaces the prior law on pre- trial detention.

Source: Angola Press News Agency