Huambo: Peasants relaunch wheat production

Chicala-Cholohanga – A project to relaunch wheat production is being developed by peasants of Kangombe village, Chicala-Cholohanga municipality, in central Huambo province.

The information was released on Friday by Chicala-Cholohanga agriculture director, Domingos Wassuka Malindo, who added that the project aims to increase the income of families, since wheat is of high price in the market.

Since 2015, the local administration has been stimulating peasants to grow this cereal, and more than 350 families have joined the project and reached satisfying results, as compared to maize which is the main crop grown in the municipality.

According to the official, the next step is to create a cooperative of producers capable of producing wheat in great scale and drain it to other provinces.

He recalled that the in the past, the municipality excelled in wheat production, thanks to its favourable climate.

Source: Angola Press News Agency