Huambo: JoAPound o Lourenco appeals for order and civility

Caala – The minister of National Defence, JoAPound o Lourenco, on Tuesday in Caala Municipality, central Huambo Province, highlighted the work of the Angolan Executive in the past fifteen years turned to the improvement of the Angolan citizen’s social condition, having at the same time appealed for order, civility and responsibility in the general elections set for August this year.

Speaking at the main national ceremony in celebration of the National Peace and Reconciliation Day (April 04), the minister admitted that the work done so far is still far from satisfactory, mainly when considering the fast growth of the Angolan population.

To him, those Angolan who believed that it was possible to overcome the differences and make peace have demonstrated that it is possible to build a better future.

He highlighted the fact that the peace conquered in 2002 has enabled the holding of periodical polls, every five years, stressing that there are conditions to hold free and fair elections this year, based on the wisdom of the ancestors, faith, patriotism.

He also emphasised the achievement of peace through the discernment of the Angolan Head of State, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who led the country in the spirit of forgiveness and national reconciliation.

The Defence minister also highlighted the role of the civil society in the conquest of peace, having deemed April 04 the country’s second greatest festivity, after the National Independence Day.

Some of the gains brought about by the national peace, he said, are the free flow of people and goods, recovery of infrastructures and the increase in the supply of basic services for the population.

He said peace also caused the increase of competitiveness in political and economic terms, a rise in life expectancy, job opportunities, reduced the illiteracy rate and multiplied the number of education professionals bellow the university.

Likewise, he said, effective peace enabled the increase of university students, reduced child mortality rate, besides increasing the percentage of women attending pre-natal consultations, among other benefits.

Source: Angola Press News Agency