Huambo: Governor wants young people more committed to training

Huambo – The governor of Huambo province, JoAPound o Baptista Kussumua, on Friday called on young people to become more committed to their academic and professional training, in order to serve the country better in the future.

The governor’s appeal is expressed in the congratulatory message sent to ANGOP on the occasion of the National Youth Day, which is being marked today, where it is stated that at no time should the young person lose sight of the fact that the future on which lies the dream of the Great Nation depends on them.

He also recognized the role of this fringe of society in Angola’s recent history, from the national liberation struggle, culminating in the proclamation of independence, the defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity, to the conquest of peace.

In his message of congratulations, he recalled that “the President of the Republic, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, joined the nationalists who were fighting in the Maqui, and therefore dedicated all youth for the just cause and the good of the Nation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency