Huambo: Defence minister offers several material to Lossambo primary school

Huambo – Defense Minister, JoAPound o Manuel Goncalves Lourenco, Monday offered several material to the primary school of the centrality of Lossambo, 10 kilometers off Huambo city.

The offer of the Minister, who previously inaugurated the centrality of the Lossambo, is composed of books, notebooks, white gowns, backpacks and tennis shoes.

Besides the primary school, the centrality also has two secondary schools, one of the I and another of the II, whose classes began in February this year, housing residents and residents of neighborhoods around.

In the centrality of Lossambo are two thousand and nine dwellings, type T3, 90 stores, a health center, system of capture, treatment and distribution of drinking water (built nine kilometers from the centrality).

Source: Angola Press News Agency