Huambo: Archbishop appeals for unity in families

Huambo – The Archbishop of Huambo, Jose de Queiroz Alves, last Friday appealed for the reconciliation of families during the Easter celebration, through the exercise of love and charity.

Speaking at the Good Friday homily, held in the Sea Cathedral Parish, the Catholic prelate called on christians to have a strong and great heart, like Christ, so that peace and harmony

can reign within the families.

“Reconcile yourselves, within the family, for the love of Christ. Help parents, siblings and children to love one another and to live in intimate bond”, he recommended.

Archbishop Jose de Queiroz Alves reminded that the heart of a christian person cannot be filled with hatred, vengeance and enmity.

The heart must be pure, he said, for one to become a human being of goodness, someone that loves all humanity and that forgives and lives in harmony with others.

Source: Angola Press News Agency