Health Outreach Campaign Gets Financial Boost

The Ministry of Health and Social Services’ outreach programme received a financial sponsorship worth N$100 000 from Metropolitan Momentum (MMI) Investment holdings on Friday.

Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku expressed gratitude for the noble gesture and thanked the doctors who are volunteering on the programme for their support.

Haufiku said at that occasion that in the past there were doctors conducting the outreach campaign from referral hospitals to district hospitals, but when he took office in March 2015, he decided to formalise the programme by strengthening it.

The outreach campaign is comprised of private doctors – mostly specialists in various medical disciplines – and State doctors who go to different regions to provide medical services and perform surgeries at district State hospitals.

This campaign also helps to identify different challenges at these health facilities.

The doctors who are part of this campaign use part of their time to assess infrastructure, medical equipment and the availability of qualified staff members at those institutions. This enables them to intervene in areas with major challenges.

Skills transfer is another important goal of the campaign.

Jason Nandago, chief executive officer for MMI Holdings, thanked the minister for initiating the programme, noting that his institution supports such projects, as they have seen people suffering greatly due to a lack of appropriate healthcare.

“My own mother died of cancer when I was just 11 years old. For this reason I will continue to invest in such innovations,” Nandago said.

Nandago also pledged that his company would remain the highest sponsoring institution towards the outreach programme.

For every higher donation the ministry receives towards the programme, MMI Holdings will top up the difference to ensure that the institution remains the highest sponsoring towards this course,” he pledged.

Source: EMM