Head of State accredits five ambassadors

In separate ceremonies, in the great hall of the Presidential Palace, the Angolan head of state reaffirmed the opportunity to see closer cooperation with the five countries.

The Belgium ambassador who is Master in Modern History, Eastern Languages ??and Communication Science, pointed as a priority the promotion of cooperation in port, mining and university education.

The diplomat expressed his country’s support for the ongoing political and economic reforms in Angola.

Swedish mission chief Ewa Polana, a 22-year diplomat, has performed such post in Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, East Timor, Katar and Brazil, has pledged to help Angola fight corruption and diversify the economy.

The ambassador announced his country’s interest in financing the construction of a new hospital in Luanda and providing technology for environmental protection and energy production.

On the other hand, the Mozambican ambassador to Angola, Osvalda Joana who has a master degree in Legal Sciences and former president of the Federation of Women in Legal Careers, underlined the interest in increasing economic relations between the two countries.

After the war, we need to develop both countries, consolidate peace, grow hand to hand with reciprocal business investments, as well as enhance the presence of regional and international organizations, she said.

Zimbabwe’s new ambassador, career-minded military officer Thando Madzvamuse, has previously held a management position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The head of the Rwanda diplomatic mission was once a senator of Kigali and worked at the Rwandan embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

Source: Angola Press News Agency