Govt Has Done All to Guarantee Peace – Nyusi

Maputo – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi declared on Friday that the government has done all in its power to guarantee peace and stability.

Speaking in Maputo at a banquet offered to his Vietnamese counterpart, Truong Tung Sang, Nyusi said that “despite localized attacks carried out by Renamo, the government has done everything to guarantee stability and ensure the country’s development”.

“Mozambique has always loved peace and always fought for stability”, he added. “This is a country strictly governed by the rules of democracy, in spirit and in letter.

This is a country with traditions of tolerance and reconciliation”.

As for Mozambican cooperation with Vietnam, Nyusi stressed the need to encourage investment and interchanges in the priority areas for the country’s growth such as agriculture and food security, industry and trade, fisheries and education.

The Vietnamese experience, he added, was particularly relevant to Mozambique in areas such as agriculture, fisheries (notably aquaculture), maritime transport, education and health.

Nyusi said his government believed that socio-economic interaction could attain still higher levels if both countries exploit the areas in which they enjoy comparative advantages.

For his part, Truong assured Nyusi of Vietnam’s continuing support. “We want to define the measures necessary to improve our bilateral cooperation in practical ways”, he said. “If we continue to have a growing and healthy commercial relation, we believe that by 2020 trade between our countries could reach at least 500 million dollars a year”. (Iin recent years, that trade has been estimated at 100 million dollars a year).

The Vietnamese President said he is convinced that Mozambique and Vietnam are more prepared than ever to advance side by side towards prosperity.

At talks earlier in the day between delegations headed by the two presidents, Nyusi praised the Vietnamese investment in the country, particularly in the mobile phone company Movitel, in which the major shareholder is the Vietnamese telecommunications company, Viettel.

Nyusi told reporters that the talks had covered areas such as agriculture, energy, tourism, infrastructures, transport and communications, security and education.

The latter point merited special attention, he said, culminating in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two governments.

“The discussions also covered areas such as public health and military health, because Vietnam has wide-ranging experience in these areas”, said Nyusi. “All the projects discussed must be duly analysed for their implementation”.

Source: All Africa