Governor listens to concerns of cultural Agents

During the meeting, the governor acknowledged that artists play an important role in social organization, awareness and enjoyment of people, by molding the being, thinking and way of being of a people through art.

JoAPound o Baptista Kussuma admitted the difficulties that the class faces in the materialization of its projects, for this reason he called for the collaboration of the own cultural agents in the search for solutions.

The governor emphasized that for the development of cultural activity in this province, infrastructure was set up for this purpose, highlighting the Media Library, the Library and the Bailundo Cultural Center.

The official said that these public enterprises provide solutions to the problems that affect cultural agents, providing spaces for the promotion and massification of culture.

To the 150 cultural agents present at the meeting, the governor of Huambo province appealed to join cultural associations in order to create opportunities and promote artistic actions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency