Government outlines plan to fight cholera and Zika

Luanda – The first regular session of the Commission for Social Policy of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday established guidelines to fight and control cholera and the Zika virus throughout the country.

According to the final communique of the meeting, measures include treatment of drinking water, waste collection, information and education of communities, training of personnel, and organization of clinical services, provision of medical devices and medicines and biosafety in units Health.

The source says that the meeting, led by the Vice-President of the Republic, Manuel Vicente, considered the proposal for a response plan for the control of the cholera epidemic, whose focus is in the municipality of Soyo, in northern Zaire province. From 14 December 2016 to January 2017, 104 were registered suspected cases with six deaths.

The main purpose of this proposal is to stop the spread of the epidemic in the province of Zaire, avoiding its spread to the rest of the country.

Note adds that in the short-term actions, measures are being taken to award the contract for the construction of a new drinking water supply system in Soyo city as well as the mobilization of financial resources for the contracting of works for the construction of small water supply systems along the lines bordering the city.

Source: Angola Press News Agency