Government official calls on entrepreneurs to invest in hotel sector

The government official, who was speaking at the end of a visit by the Minister of Hotel and Tourism, A�ngela Braganca, who inspected some existing tourist sites in the town of Montinapa and the municipality of Bibala, said that many tourist sites are not being explored, and therefore everyone interested in investing in this area has open doors to implement projects.

She also said that the provincial government has in its policy portfolio the improvement of the tourist center of Montipa “Thermal waters of Montipa” and other places that need to be enhanced and explored, thus attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

On the occasion, the Minister of Hotels and Tourism, A�ngela Braganca, said that the province has strong tourism potential, and encourages entrepreneurs to invest to stimulate the activity, thus generating more income for the state coffers.

“If there is a strong investment in tourist sites, the sector can raise a lot of revenue for the state, as well as a greater number of jobs offer for youth,” said the official.

Source: Angola Press News Agency