Government committed to training, scientific research

Luanda – The Vice President of Republic, Manuel Domingos Vicente, Friday in Luanda considered the training and scientific research crucial for the strategy of sustainable development of the country.

The vice president was speaking at the award handover ceremony in the “Scientific Research” and “Training” categories of the Center for Advanced Studies in Education and Medical Training (CEDUMED) of Agostinho Neto University, sponsored by Multiperfil clinic.

Manuel Vicente calls for the need to stimulate the training and research in order to boost development, taking into account the demand of the market and pressing social issues.

The Vice president also spoke of the need to develop theoretical and practical knowledge coupled with a critical, reflexive and creative analysis so that, in particular, the health professionals can enter the labour market in a competent and active way.

He also stressed the importance of cooperation between the academic world and business market aimed to foster a stronger link between scientific knowledge and practice.

The objective is to leverage the transfer of technology and innovation to the productive sectors, he said.

Manuel Vicente stated that the awarding initiative contributes to promoting excellence, quality, innovation, entrepreneurship, efficiency and modernity in the performance of citizens, institutions, companies and services in the various aspects of life and sectors of activity.

He defends educational institutions efficient and capable to produce quality services that meet social expectations.

The official said that the country must adopt a policy of quality promotion with better teachers capable of applying effective and innovative methods for the training of skilled staff the society and the market need.

On the other hand, Manuel Vicente calls for “good” organisation and existence of teaching resources such as libraries, media libraries, information and communication technologies, teaching laboratories and student support structures, such as canteens and psychological and health support.

He also calls for creation of partnerships with renowned centers around the world to ensure integration in consortia and networks and participation in studies and projects, taking into account the importance of international cooperation and collaboration with national networks and institutions.

The vice president also spoke of the importance for publishing in international or local journals the production of books, manuals and other school materials, in the framework of the offer of masters and doctorates.

Meanwhile, he hopes that the prizes will encourage medical faculties and other health science training institutions.

To mark the World Health Day on 07 April, the Vice President of Republic appealed to a reflection on the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind and focus on the main health problems affecting the population.

Source: Angola Press News Agency