France: Dollar recedes, Euro takes forefront in Angolan banking operations

The governor of the Angolan National Reserve Bank (BNA), Valter Filipe, has said in Paris, France, that currently Angola is not doing operations in dollars.

He said so to the press in the ambit of a work visit he has been making to France, a country that is deemed Europe’s fourth biggest economy.

According to the BNA governor, the only institutions that still hold privileged financial relations with Angola are those of Europe, through its currency, the Euro.

“We need to inform the European authorities about the work being done in the Angolan financial system”, he said, further explaining that the south-west African country has been adapting its financial system to the international norms and standards.

In France, the Angolan Central Bank delegation has already had a meeting with the International Financial Action Group (GAFI), a French institution that has deemed Angola’s adjustment process a model for other countries.

Valter Filipe also stressed that Angola needs to continue doing its work, despite having already been taken out of GAFI’s blacklist.

“The conviction we are leaving with after making contacts in France is that there is great will to assist the country (Angola), so it is important that this work be concluded”, said the governor of the Angolan National Reserve Bank (BNA).

He went on to reiterate the importance of strengthening relations with the international partners, with a view to bringing to normal the country’s credit grant operations for the benefit of the citizens and firms.

In view of this, he said he is convinced that the financing the country needs can come from Europe, depending on Angola creating the appropriate conditions for such agreements.

Valter Filipe is heading a delegation that arrived in Paris on February 15 and which has had meetings with different French financial institutions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency