Former Vice President recommends respect for national symbols

The former Vice-President of the Republic Bonito de Sousa Friday recommended the scrupulous respect by the State institutions, the diplomas in regulation of the use of national symbols.

Bornito de Sousa made the recommendation while addressing the topic “Government’s Trade Mark and National Symbols”, at the Extended Methodological Meeting of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication.

He said that the terms of reference for these issues are regulated in various legal instruments. He specifically referred to Decree 296/20, a diploma that creates the stationary and the rules for its use.

As for the National Flag, Bornito de Sousa explained that it should always be turned to the right, it should not drag on the ground, and the tip of the star should be aligned with the reel.

He said the National Anthem should always be sung in the official language (Portuguese), having discouraged its interpretation in national languages.

Regarding the nomenclature of numbers, he said that the Presidential Legislative Decree No. 8/19, of June 12, stipulates the use of the long scale, instead of the short scale, having exemplified the spelling of the number one billion (1000,000,000), stipulated by Law in Angola.

On the place names, he said that names should be written in the official language and, whenever writing in Angolan languages of African origin, the National Institute of National Languages or a similar university should be consulted, to check whether the translation is right or wrong.

He recalled, on the other hand, that Angola does not have a district, in light of the legislation, and currently the district corresponds to the province.

The meeting gathered representatives from the media, institutional communication office of the provincial governments, ministerial departments and diplomatic missions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)