MAPUTO, Mozambique’s Defence Minister, Atanasio M’tumuke, has sworn in Major-General Luis Dique as Inspector of the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM).

Dique, who was relieved of his duties as commander of the air force last week, is one of the highest ranking officers from the rebel movement, Renamo still serving in the FADM.

He was recruited into the FADM when it was formed in 1994 out of volunteers from both the old government army, the FAM/FPLM, and former Renamo fighters.

Despite Renamo’s return to violence, with Renamo gunmen ambushing vehicles on main roads in the central part of the country, Dique’s appointment shows that some of the senior officers originally from Renamo have opted to remain in the FADM.

Other Defence Ministry appointments announced on Monday were Flora Chipanda, as deputy national director of human resources, and Manuela Mecumbusse, formerly head of the general secretariat of the Defence Ministry, as head of the department of documentation and archives.

At the Monday ceremony, M’tumuke demanded of Dique, Chipanda and Mecumbusse professionalism and loyalty in their missions.

We want the Mozambican Armed Forces to continue cultivating peace and stability, and to maintain discipline and a civic attitude,” the Minister was quoted as saying in Tuesday’s issue of the independent daily O Pais

Source: AIM