Fishing Academy opens registrations for 540 vacancies

MocAmedes – At least 10.000 new entries will be made in this city during the first half of this month at the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences for 540 vacancies available for the 2017 academic year, said the national director of human resources at the Ministry of Fisheries, Andre Assis dos Santos.

According to Andre Assis dos Santos, the students enrolled in this period coming from different provinces of the country, will be evaluated for 18 classes of the different courses available at the Academy.

He stressed that for the current year the institution will have three organic units, the fishing faculty with three courses navigation, administration and management of fisheries and naval mechanics, the ability to exploit aquatic resources aquaculture and marine resources, while the faculty of fish is processing, only with a technology course and fish processing organization.

Source: Angola Press News Agency