Fisherman attacked by hippo at Marema village

RUNDU: A 48-year-old fisherman was attacked by a hippo at Marema village in the Kavango West Region on Thursday.

This was revealed by the Namibian Police Force in the region in the daily crime report issued Friday.

It is alleged that the fisherman, identified as Hausiku Japhet Haruwodi, was out fishing in his canoe when a hippo jolted the canoe.

He allegedly fell into the river, and the hippo attacked him, biting him on his arm and leg.

After the hippo left, Haruwodi was pulled out of the water by another fisherman who had been fishing nearby.

Haruwodi is receiving treatment at the Rundu State Hospital after being transferred from the Nankudu District Hospital.

In an unrelated incident, the police in the Kavango West Region are also investigating a case in which two teenagers aged 14 were allegedly raped and impregnated by two men, both known to them, at Ncuncuni village.

The teens allegedly visited a clinic around 06 to 07 December and the nurses there learned that the two girls were impregnated under
coercive circumstances.

The men have not yet been arrested, but police probes into the matters were opened.
Source: Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA)