Fisheries sector focuses on micro seaweed production

Luanda – A project valued at US $ 250,000 for the production of protein-rich micro seaweed called “Spirulina”, will be developed over a period of 18 months by the Ministry of Fisheries in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and collaboration of the National Aquaculture Association.

This fact was released Monday in Luanda by the Minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto, during the opening of the workshop on the project to support the “Espirulina” row, and stressed that the action aims to contribute to the improvement of nutritional status and stimulate the process of economic diversification in the country.

For the successful implementation of this project, she said, the fishing industry and its partners will begin the practical work of cultivating “Spirulina” with the installation of a unit in the Ngolome Training and Processing Center, located in the province of Cuanza Norte, where Fish farmers will be called upon to replicate and expand the production of this protein in places that are propitious.

According to the minister, with the collaboration and participation of the Ministries of Health, Education and Non-Governmental Organizations, the sector that lead will work with a view to processing and disseminating the nutritional utility of “Spirulina”.

Angola’s water potential, she said, makes it possible to develop biotechnology to obtain high protein and low-cost products, as well as to improve the diet and health of the most vulnerable populations.

The protein has spectacular characteristics because it has 70 percent protein with a large amount of iron, ten times greater than Spinach, much more vitamin B12 than any other food and 30 times more “carotene” than carrot.

The Government official said that from “Spirulina” tablets, seaweed extracts can be manufactured for various uses and can be marketed as powder for administration to children, the elderly, pregnant women and everyone who needs to consume this protein.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Maria CAndida Teixeira, State secretaries, UNFAO representatives, national directors and other individuals participated in the workshop held by the Ministry of Fisheries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency