Financial and human conditions for general elections in preparation

Luanda – The chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Andre da Silva Neto, assured Thursday in Luanda that the financial and human conditions for the full implementation of the electoral campaign tasks planned for 2017 are being created.

The official said that the acquisition of the material resources that will constitute electoral logistics is underway, as well as the conditions for the beginning of the training and professional supervision of CNE members and employees.

Andre da Silva Neto was speaking at the investiture of the chairpersons of the electoral commissions from the 18 provinces appointed by the Higher Council of the Judiciary.

The official pledged that the CNE will implement the actions contained in the plan of tasks with the utmost smoothness, impartiality, and transparency, scrupulously complying with the electoral package.

He recalled that CNE plays a key role in political stability, social peace and strengthening and consolidation of democracy if elections are held in free, fair and credible conditions.

He spoke of the need for CNE to adopt dialogue and an interactive approach to political players contesting for power and all electoral agents directly or indirectly involved in the preparation and implementation of the current electoral process.

The CNE chairperson stressed that a “permanent dialogue will serve to promote inclusion, dissipate suspicion, quell tensions and build trust among all parties.”

The newly appointed officials swore to defend the fundamental principles of the order established in the Constitution, respect the laws, carry out with zeal and dedication the missions for which they were appointed, to contribute to the achievement of the higher goals of the State.

Source: Angola Press News Agency