Executive reiterates “Made in Angola” products’ purchase message

State and budgeted units are compelled to purchase products with “Service Made in Angola”, from January 2024, the minister of Economy and Planning (MEP) Mário Caetano João has reiterated.

Speaking to Angola’s public television, the minister highlighted that the measure announced by the Government aims to stimulate the consumption of national production and increase competitiveness.

The measure comes into force from January 2024 and stipulates that “public institutions are obliged to purchase ‘Made in Angola’ goods and services”, products that incorporate 30% raw materials in their production.

The measure is expected to ensure that the restructuring of the Made in Angola Service encourages the increase in national production of raw materials and mainly finished products and services.

The move also helps promote products with National Added Value above 30% and also encourage the consumption of national products, thus conveying greater confidence to consumers.

The Made in Angola Service aims to mobilise companies towards economic growth, seeking to improve the competitiveness of national goods and services and contribute to the sustained balance of the trade balance.

The Executive recognises the importance of promoting and valuing national production for the development of the economy and national employment, establishing the Made in Angola service.

This service is an initiative to encourage and promote what is produced at national level, to accelerate, in a focused and effective way, the diversification of national production and mobilise the country to increase the consumption of what is produced locally.

Another distinctive feature of Made in Angola is to highlight a strategic alliance between the State and the private sector

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)