Ethiopia: King Mohammed VI’s Visit a “Historic Moment”

New York – The visit of King Mohammed VI to Ethiopia is being seen as a ?historic moment.

The visit represents the longwaited return of Morocco to its institutional family, the African Union (AU), which will take its destiny into its own hands, said Peter Pham, Vice-president of U.S. think-tank, the Atlantic Council, and Director of the Africa Center.

The royal visit is an historic event for Morocco’s longwaited return to the Union by an overwhelming majority of the AU member countries, said the US expert in African geo-strategic issues. He went on to hail what he called the perspicacity of the African strategy of the Sovereign.

Morocco has never left Africa and its return to the AU is all the more necessary and essential as the continent faces major geopolitical challenges in the economic and security fields, Pham said.

He also noted that Morocco is a bastion of political stability and a country committed to promoting South-South cooperation, co-development and investment across the African continent.

He went on to add that the Kingdom is a key partner in the fight against violent extremism, against all ideologies that pervert the precepts of authentic Islam. Pham noted that Morocco also provides key support in peacekeeping on the African continent, as well as acting as a bridge between Europe, America and Africa.

King Mohammed VI is currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to attend the African Union (AU) summit, scheduled to take place on January 30 and 31.

Earlier this week, Morocco officially notified the countries constituting the Commission of the AU of this development.

During the 30th regular session of the AU Executive council, held Thursday in Addis Ababa, four countries reaffirmed their support for the return of Morocco to the AU.

Morocco World News reported on Wednesday that Morocco had officially notified the countries constituting the Commission of the AU of this development.

Earlier this month, during a meeting of the House of Representatives’ committee, Morocco’s Foreign Affairs and Cooperation minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, said that, 40 countries are supporting Morocco’s return to the AU.

Source: Angola Press News Agency