Erongo RED and MTC collaborate to strengthen electricity provision

Erongo RED and Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) here on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the Namibian public sector in providing electrification.

The two will jointly identify areas of cooperation and development such as enabling MTC as a payment gateway so customers have easier and more convenient access to buy and pay for electricity.

Hopes are that the long-term agreement will also mitigate Erongo RED’s challenges relating to the management of access to electricity via the electricity company, theft, and network losses as well as improve revenue collection.

In his speech at the occasion, Erongo RED Chief Executive Officer Immanuel !Hanabeb said the key outcomes of the MoU will also include but are not limited to supporting smart grid and improving efficiency and transparency of service delivery.

“Erongo RED’s key strategic objective includes acceleration of automation, through which the company is aiming to implement a secure and reliable ICT infrastructure that enables business functions.

Apart from the automation acceleration objective, optimisation and streamlining of business processes, the enhancement of customer service offerings and developing business partnerships are strategic objectives that the company is focusing on,” !Hanabeb noted.

He further added that in its quest to enhance customer services, Erongo RED aims to develop a mobile app in order to provide value addition.

MTC’s Acting Managing Director, Patience Kanalelo expressed MTC’s wish to develop Erongo RED’s Smart Metering and Grid platform which aims to remotely assist data management and monitoring capabilities and safe management of transmission of its networks.

“We are keenly looking forward to providing an array of solutions to Erongo RED in MTC’s digital channels such as the MTCApp, MTC Payment Gateway. This cooperation should therefore give flexibility to both customers with more convenient access to electricity and it will help Erongo RED accelerate electricity usage/fee collection through a nationalised vending solution on MTC’s network and digital platforms,” she indicated.

A steering committee will be established to act as the governing body for the execution of the undertakings of the parties in terms of the agreement.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency