Equatorial Guinea wants to strengthen cooperation with Angola

Luanda – The visit to Angola by the Equatorial Guinea’s Head of State, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, on Monday is meant to strengthening South-South cooperation and mutual consultations.

The intention was expressed by the Equato-Guinean Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Domingo Mituy Edjang, who also integrated the presidential delegation.

The official said that the strategy of both countries aimed at enhancing cooperation and strengthening existing relations between the African nations.

The diplomat stressed that the mutual interest is intended to deepen the cooperation agreements, amongst the fields of agriculture, fisheries and security.

Domingo Mituy Edjang considered excellent the relations of friendship and brotherhood between Angola and Equatorial Guinea.

He said he was pleased with the support the Angola provided to Equatorial Guinea, which, according to him, allowed the Equato-Guineans to become active members of the Portuguese-Speaking Countries Community (CPLP).

The official added that the two countries also benefit from CPLP development projects and programmes.

Angola and Equatorial Guinea maintain excellent cooperative relations at bilateral framework and international organisations such as the Gulf of Guinea Commission (GGC), the African Union (AU), the UN and other institutions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency