Equatorial Guinea leader stresses Angolan President role in peace

Luanda – Angolan head of State Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been encouraged by his Equatorial Guinean counterpart, Obiang Nguema, to continue with his role as adviser and contribute to the peace in the African continent, particularly by assisting the countries experiencing political crisis and conflicts.

The information was released Monday by the Foreign Minister, Georges Chicoti, while speaking to journalists at the Luanda airport at the end of few-hour visit to Angola by the president of Equatorial Guinea.

The official said that President Nguema acknowledges the Angolan Statesman’s role in promoting peace in Africa, pointing out the case of the Great Lakes region and Central Africa, the case of Central African Republic (CAR).

The minister also described Teodoro Obiang Nguema’s visit as “important”, as it allowed the parties to analyse the current state of bilateral cooperation, with defence and security as having seen more progress within relations of bilateral agreements.

On the other hand, the Foreign minister referred to the case of the 200 officers from that African country who are attending training in Angola.

He added that both countries will work to resume, soon, the meetings of the joint cooperation committee, stalled for about four years.

Georges Chicoti also said that the State-run oil firm “Sonangol” and the Enquato-Guinean oil and gas company will resume talks to revive the cooperation to enable Angola to export gas to that country from Soyo province.

The minister also said that Sonangol and its counterpart in Equatorial Guinea will resume negotiations to speed up the development of bilateral relations in this sector, similar to defense and security field.

Source: Angola Press News Agency