Epukiro RC Metsweding community wants employment opportunities from road project

EPUKIRO RC: The Epukiro RC Metsweding community has called on Namibbeton Road Contractors to employ 70 per cent of the youth in the area in exchange for using their water and gravel resources.

In a letter addressed to Okarukambe constituency councillor Rocco Nguvauva on Thursday, the community asked the company to fulfil its social responsibility by rehabilitating various water points and boreholes. These facilities would not only supply water to the community, but also support road construction.

Additionally, the community urged the company to address the issue of a reportedly full dumping site, and requested assistance with cleaning or covering it.

Nguvauva told Nampa the names of job applicants will be released by the company next week.

‘There was a misunderstanding that the community had refused them access to water. We had a meeting today and the matter is resolved,’ he said.

According to Nguvauva, the community did not refuse the contractor water but expects the company to engage in activities bene
fiting the Epukiro RC Metsweding community.

He said the community presented their demands and the contractors agreed to some, while stating that others require consultation with the relevant authorities such as the Roads Authority (RA).

‘They promised to come back to the community with feedback thereafter. There was no dispute as it has been circulated all over, we had a very peaceful meeting. This is now the second phase of this road. While they are busy with this stage there will be a budget allocation for the next phase. According to the RA, the aim is to finish this road by 2025 after reaching Epukiro Post 3,’ Nguvauva said.

He urged the community to remain calm and await the release of names for those selected for job opportunities at the construction site.

The company is currently working on the second phase of the upgrading of the Du Plessis-Epukiro road to bitumen standard.

Source: Namibia Press Agency