Elections/2017: SADC observers due in Luanda Thursday

Luanda – Southern African Development Community (SADC) observers, who will monitor the general elections on August 23, are expected in Luanda on Thursday (August 10).

This was announced Wednesday by Foreign minister, Georges Chikoti.

The minister said so at the end of a multi-sector coordination meeting that addressed technical issues such as supervision, reception, transports, to ensure success of observation process.

George Chicoty confirmed the coming Thursday of the chairperson of SADC observers, the former presidents of Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Namibia, East Timor and CPLP.

The official also announced the arrival in the coming days of the representatives of the African Union, the International Conference on Great Lakes and the State Commission for Central Africa.

The multi-sector commission operates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and comprises ambassadors of career and assisted by the Ministries of Transport, Interior, Finance, Territory Administration and Hotel and Tourism.

Source: Angola Press News Agency