Egypt’s Al Alsun faculty committed to Portuguese language teaching

Francisco Leandro de Almeida stated so at a session to mark the 14th anniversary of the institutionalisation of the Portuguese Language and Culture of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) Day.

You can’t leave aside the teaching of any language in higher institutions unless you conduct deep study of its literature, he said, adding that such a rule also occurs with Portuguese language.

However, he advised the students to join the compulsory research in the texts published by renowned figures of CPLP literature.

They include Agostinho Neto, Viriato da Cruz, Pepetela, Raul David, Antonio Jacinto, Alda Lara and Maria Eugenia Neto (Angola), Luis de CamAes and Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz (Portugal), Jorge Amado of Brazil, Jose Craveirinha from Mozambique.

In her turn, Portuguese ambassador to Egypt, Madalena Fisher, announced the creation of Portuguese Language Department at Al Alsun College next school year.

Source: Angola Press News Agency