Egypt: Portuguese language teaching strengthens cultural exchange

Cairo: The teaching of the Portuguese language and literature from the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP), included in the curriculum of the Aswan University, in Egypt, makes way for scientific promotion and strengthening of cultural exchange

This was said last Wednesday by the Angolan press attache to Egypt, Higino Piedade, when delivering a lecture on the cultural relations between Angola and Egypt at the Third Event on Portuguese Language, organised by the Aswan University.

The diplomat expressed his willingness to see Egypt share its cultural legacy, experience and scholarly knowledge with Angola, aimed at the strengthening of cultural exchange between the two brother peoples, who share common ideals, such as the need to see a better Africa for all its children.

On the occasion, Higino Piedade highlighted the cultural greatness of Angola, in its various forms, such as in the area of handicrafts where one finds one of the greatest and meaningful symbol of Angola, namely the statute dubbed “O Pensador” (The Thinker).

Higino Piedade also mentioned as an example the Angolan traditional dances from its different regions and ethnic groups.

He went on to say that he could not speak about Angolan culture without mentioning the CPLP literature, with special highlight on the name of Angola’s first president, Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto, who left a rich and vast quantity of poetic works that until now have inspired the younger generations, who not only quote and recite them, but also sing them.

On her turn, Ana Pitra Groz, head of the Portuguese Language Department of the public Language and Literature Faculty (Agostinho Neto University), spoke about the present situation with the Portuguese language in Angola (official idiom) and its coexistence with the country’s indigenous languages, as well as the trajectory of the Angolan contemporary literature.

Meanwhile, speaking at the opening of the event, the secretary of the Aswan Province Government, Aynar Mokhtar, defended the need for major exchange in the promotion of the Portuguese language among the local universities, Angola’s Agostinho Neto University, and Brazil’s Mato Grosso University, as well as the Portuguese CamAes Institute.

The Aswan University included in the Portuguese Language in its curriculum in the year 2014.

On the fringes of the event, the Aswan University, the Porto University (Portugal) and the CamAes Institute signed several co-operation and interchange agreements in the scientific field and promotion of the Portuguese language.

The event was also attended by the Portuguese ambassador, Maria Madalena, Mozambican ambassador, Jose Manuel Nunes, and the Brazilian cultural attache to Egypt, Yukie Watanabe, among other personalities and academics.

Source: Angola Press News Agency