Eenhana: Town Council Launches Debt Relief Initiative

In Eenhana, the Town Council has announced a significant debt relief program to alleviate the financial burden of its residents. The Town Mayor, Omri-Onn Kavandje, in a discussion with Nampa on Monday, disclosed that residents currently owe around N$40.2 million in service debts. As a response, the council is implementing an interest relief initiative, waiving 100% of interest on municipal bills for both residential and business clients over a 12-month period starting January and ending December 2024. Kavandje emphasized the opportunity for residents to settle their bills within this period, ensuring that their accumulated interest over the years will be written off.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), He also mentioned other ongoing projects, including street naming in some areas and relocating certain traditional homesteads for development purposes, a move expected to cost around N$8 million with support from the line ministry. Kavandje noted the challenge of managing the increasing number of street vendors in Eenhana, which has led to overcrowding and non-compliance with local authority legislation. To address this, the council is engaging stakeholders to fund the construction of an open market facility.