Eastern Electric System gains new momentum

Luena – The Eastern Electricity System, which includes the construction of mini and medium hydroelectric projects, construction and expansion of hydropower facilities in the provinces of Moxico, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, will gain new dynamics in the short and medium term and link to the country’s electricity grid.

This fact was released Wednesday by the Minister of Energy and Water, JoAPound o Baptista Borges, while presenting the hydroelectric power of Chiumbue, at a ceremony led by the Minister of National Defense.

According to JoAPound o Baptista Borges, the Eastern Electric System (SEL) imposes constant concerns in the portfolio of the Ministry of Energy and Waters, which includes the construction of small projects that will take advantage of the potential of the local rivers.

In general, it was pointed out that the Eastern Electricity System has 43 MW in Lunda Norte, 40.5 MW, Lunda Sul and 20.1 MW in Moxico.

This production is based on thermal power plants, making energy more expensive and slows expansion to other municipalities.

Therefore, as a growth prospect of interconnected systems of these provinces, the expansion of Luachimo, in the province of Lunda Sul, to about 34 Megawatts, as well as an electro productive thermal power station.

In addition, it is planned to build next year, in Lunda Norte, in the Vuca falls, the hydroelectric power plant that will produce 51 MW to serve, particularly the mining area and the province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency