Distribution of fuel cards in 17 provinces due to begin

The ministries of Transport and Finance start Wednesday the process for the distribution of petrol subsidy cards to taxi drivers, motorbike taxis and fishermen of licensed artisanal boats in the country’s 17 provinces, which exempts them from paying 300 kwanza the litre of the fuel.

The public transport operators will continue to benefit from the state subsidy, buying petrol at 160 kwanzas, as opposed to the current 300 kwanzas per litre ordinary customers will pay.

Subsidy cards have been delivered to the beneficiaries at the municipal directorates of transport, traffic and urban mobility of the municipal administrations, as well as at the municipal directorates of agriculture and fisheries, in each province.

“We appeal to the need for all taxi drivers, moto-taxi drivers and artisanal fishermen to maintain the price in force, as well as the calm and serenity during the process”, reads a document that reached ANGOP Wednesday.

According to a statement issued by the two ministries, the process that began in the country’s capital, allocated 2,368 petrol subsidy cards in the first five days.

The statement adds that in Luanda around 23,000 requests were made to banks, with the aim of reaching the target of 100 percent of cards being distributed to licensed operators.

The statement stresses that the vast majority of licensed taxi and motorbike taxi drivers do not have the respective cards and, for this reason, they will assume the fuel expenses until they receive such token

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)