Democracy Day: Forum demands bold policies for revolutionary youth development

The Nigerian Young Professional Forum (NYPF) has put forward a series of detailed recommendations for the National Youth Policy to pave the way for a more prosperous and inclusive future for Nigerian youth.

The forum in a communique issued after its meeting and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, noted the crucial role a comprehensive policy reform can play in shaping a brighter future reform were call to action for lasting positive change.

The proposed changes were carefully reviewed by some NYPF executive members, Chairperson Zaliha Lawal, Barrister Mayor Ndukaku, Dr Ekemini Udo and Media Consultant, Ere-ebi Agedah Imisi.

The forum stated that the policy recommendations have been forwarded to the Ministry of Youth as the recommendations include

‘Education and Talent Development, STEM Education Enhancement and Early STEM Education’.

Others recommendations were for Health and Well-being as well as Ensuring Participation and Inclusiveness.

Highlighting the critical role of educat
ion and skills, the NYPF suggested a multipronged approach involving vocational training and education, aimed at elevating the status of vocational education to eliminate existing stigmas.

The forum said that the approach would increase the number of highly skilled workers, transforming Nigeria from a consumer-driven nation to a manufacturing hub and innovation-led economy.

‘It will tackle youth unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship and providing incentives for businesses that hire young people.

‘It will emulate successful aspects of the Chinese economic model to build a robust manufacturing sector.’

For the STEM Education Enhancement, it said it would position Nigeria as a global leader in innovation and technology through scholarships and Incentives.

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‘Early STEM education will encourage activities at secondary school levels and foster early interest and proficiency in STEM subjects to develop essential skills and passion from a young age.

‘It will
also help implement successful strategies from China and Singapore to build a strong STEM foundation, while the health and Well-being emphasises the importance of health and well-being among young Nigerians, proposing.

‘It will enhance Physical and Mental Health and address the rising rates of drug and substance abuse among the youth.

‘It will enhance access to comprehensive healthcare services to ensure a supportive environment for overall well-being.

‘To ensure participation and inclusiveness, governments must promote participation, inclusiveness, and equitable opportunities for all youth.

‘Furthermore, the National Youth Policy should guide leaders to consciously address barriers to meaningful youth engagement in civil and political affairs,’

This, the forum said would also enhance opportunities for the constructive involvement of all youth in community and social development, political processes and governance.

The NYPF is a leading organisation dedicated to empowering young professionals across Nig
eria through advocacy, policy recommendations, and capacity-building initiatives.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria