Demand for commercial spots increases in Catumbela’s industrial park

Lobito – The search for spaces aimed to install new companies in the Industrial Park of Catumbela (PDIC), in coastal Benguela Province, has considerably increased in recent times, according to the director of the institution, Joana Gomes Lorena, who spoke last Friday in the ambit of the 18th anniversary of April 14, the foundation of the industrial zone.

According to the director of the PDIC, up to now more than 1,500 companies have expressed their interest in installing themselves in the centre, in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

The official explained that the interested parties, who already had apportioned land plots and did not settle within the specified deadlines, are giving up because they did not comply with the clauses of the contract due to poor financial capacity.

Joana Lorena said that so far the biggest problem at the zone is the normal power supply, a situation that will be overcome with the start of the new substation in the next two months.

ANGOP has learnt that since the institution’s existence more than 1,000 jobs have been created in about 100 companies, but with the crisis many

industries and service companies tend to reduce production.

The Industrial Development Zone of Catumbela was founded on April 14, 1999. It is located between the cities of Lobito and Catumbela and has as its corporate object the installation of industries and service companies.

Source: Angola Press News Agency