Cunene: Police foil Angola/Namibia border jumping

Ondjiva – Eighteen offenders who tried to cross the border between Angola and Namibia were arrested in the last seven days in the southern Cunene province by the Border Police, said Saturday in Ondjiva, the spokesman for the National Police Command in the region, intendant Nicolau Tuvecalela.

According to him, the record of these transgressors results from five border violations prevented by the staff of the corporation.

The border transgressions occurred on the border sections of landmarks, 5, 19 and 22, at the common border perimeter between Namibia and Angola, he said.

The spokesman also said that after registration and operational interrogation the trespassers were released.

Cunene shares 460 kilometers, of which 340 are terrestrial and 120 are fluvial, bordering the Republic of Namibia.

Source: Angola Press News Agency