Cunene: Peasants exhorted to double agricultural production

Ondjiva – The vice governor of the southern Cunene Province for Economic Matters, Antonio dos Santos Candeeiro, last Saturday in Ondjiva City exhorted peasants to double their production having into account the assistance given by the Executive.

Speaking to ANGOP, the vice governor said that the government has been doing all it can to boost agricultural production, such as by providing work tools and seeds.

He stressed that peasants must be more and more committed to thewir work, having into account that recently the Cunene Province received 2,500 ploughs, so there is a need to produce more to supply the markets.

“What we want is to stimulate peasants to work more so that the products springing from the ground can have acceptable profits (…)”, said the vice governor of Cunene Province.

He then stressed that the increase of agricultural production is pertinent for the fight against hunger and poverty, adding that the country needs everyone’s commitment to be able to achieve the needed development.

Source: Angola Press News Agency