Cuanza Sul: UNITA to hold parliamentary activities

Luanda – Angola’s main opposition UNITA party has announced plans to hold its parliamentary activities on 11-13 March in Sumbe, coastal Cuanza-Sul province.

The said activities will run under the motto: “For Participatory Citizenship and Inclusive Development, 2020 Local Powers in all Municipalities”.

During a press conference, granted on Friday, the leader of the Parliamentary group of this political organisation, Liberty Chiaka, said that the MPs will carry out field visits to maintain direct contact with citizens.

The objective is to learn of the people’s expectations that will be discussed by MPs on the best ways for voters to participate in solution to local problems.

Chiaka said that after discussions with civil society, the leaders and staff of the province will prepare a memorandum that will be forwarded to the competent entities of the National Assembly and the Executive.

The debates will focus on the issues such as combat corruption, causes, consequences and proposals for solutions.

Advantages for implementing the local authorities, the impact of territorial gradualism on the harmonious development of the territory, the experience of Mozambique, the relationship of MPs with the press, are also among the matters to be addressed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency