Cuanza Sul: MPLA mobilizes more militants in Seles

Sumbe – MPLA militants should engage in mobilizing populations for the party’s growth and empowerment in the face of the current year’s electoral challenges.

This position was voiced Thursday by the municipal secretary of the MPLA in Seles, Cuanza Sul province, JoAPound o Daniel Nunes, who defended the need to sensitize more citizens to join the ranks of the party in order to win the next elections.

He said that it is important that no militant stay out of this process, urging them to be part of the ongoing mobilization work.

According to him, the party militants should convey the image of the party’s new candidate, JoAPound o Lourenco, so that the population may know him.

He stated that MPLA is working strongly in the mobilization to guarantee once again the victory of the party in the elections.

Source: Angola Press News Agency