Cuanza Norte: Ruling party official calls for vigilance among militants

Camabatela – Militants and sympathizers of the ruling MPLA party should remain vigilant and get mobilised in order to ensure the party’s victory in the country’s General Elections set for 2017.

The appeal was launched Sunday by first secretary of MPLA in northern province of Cuanza Norte, Jose Maria Ferraz dos Santos.

The MPLA official was speaking in Luanga commune, 50 kilometers east of Camabatela, Ambaca municipality.

Addressing the party militants, the official encouraged them to strengthen their contact with the population by telling them about the various programmes under way and their importance for the development of the country.

He recalled that the party was at the forefront of the national liberation struggle and achieved the peace that brought together all Angolans and ensure a balanced development.

Also governor of Cuanza Norte province, Jose dos Santos Ferraz stressed the party’s commitment to liberation of Angolans and Africans.

He underlined the engagement of MPLA in liberation of Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, subdued by segregationist regimes of white minority, leading to liberation of Nelson Mandela.

Source: Angola Press News Agency