Cuanza Norte: PRG faces shortage of judicial technicians

Ndalatando – The Deputy Attorney General of the Republic in Cuanza Norte province, Domingos Joaquim, pointed out Monday the shortage of administrative and technical personnel of justice, as the main difficulties that hinder the normal functioning of the Prosecuting Council in the province.

Speaking to Angop, Domingos Joaquim said that the operation of the different areas of the Attorney General’s Office in Cuanza Norte is currently provided by 27 legal experts, against the 60 necessary to meet the needs of the institution.

He also said that, in addition to the increase in administrative staff, the province is calling for five more judges, in order to give a full response to the current procedural demand, attended by 15 prosecutors distributed by four of the ten municipalities of the province, namely Cazengo, Cambambe, Golungo-Alto and Ambaca.

Among the difficulties that affect the operation of the PGR in Cuanza Norte, Domingos Joaquim also pointed out the lack of vehicles to support the legal technicians in carrying out various procedures, the solution of which has been through the use of motorized vehicles.

In the chapter of infrastructures, the magistrate said that the Provincial Attorney’s Office is currently operating in a temporary building, while it is still awaiting the construction of a root infrastructure whose execution of the works is dependent on the availability of financial conditions by the central body.

Source: Angola Press News Agency