Cuanza Norte: FAA pledge commitment staff training

Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) in northern Cuanza Norte province will continue training the staff in several areas, as priorities of their investment actions, said Thursday the head of the Planning Division of the National Department of the Army.

The Col. Antonio Manuel Diogo was speaking at the closing ceremony of the 9th military artillery and antiaircraft defence course, run by the Specialty School, in Ndalatando, Cuanza Norte.

The senior official of FAA said that the current state of organisation and modernisation of FAA, in particular, requires the permanent updating of the military member for an efficient response to the current change in science and technology.

He said that the increase in the level of training and professional skills of the troops, coupled with the preparation and permanent training of staff, will continue to be part of the Angolan State’s main priorities.

According to him, the objective is to build a strong and modern army capable to effectively fulfill the role of guaranteeing the national defence and sovereignty.

The three-month training was attended by 250 staff from national army, including three women.

Source: Angola Press News Agency